Monday, January 11, 2016

Cassidy's 3rd Birthday Party!

Cassidy was so excited as she picked out her friend list this year!  She was so excited that so many of her friends were able to come celebrate with her!

Makeup is her favorite part!

She enjoyed dancing with the princesses too!

Love that the princesses did silly face too! :)

She was so excited about her Dora cake!  Thanks so much to Amber who made it!

She even tried it!  Not a fan and happily ate her Oreos instead!

We are so blessed by all the wonderful families who came to celebrate and love on Cassidy! 

I can't believe our baby is going to be three!  She is an absolute joy.  We love her SO much! 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas 2015!

The girls were excited about their Santa presents!

Both big girls wrapped presents for their lovies and had them open them :) 

Izzy opening her present from Cassidy.  I <3 :="" cassidy="" hand="" p="" s="" she="" talking="" when="">
So excited for her Dora set!

Happy Birthday Jesus cake

We had a super fun day!  We did lots of crafts and enjoyed being all together!

Christmas Eve 2015

On Christmas Eve we went to a church down the street that has a spontaneous nativity for kids.  We have done it most years recently and really enjoy it.  This year the girls picked donkey, horse and angel :)

The kids got to go up front and help act out the Christmas story as it was being read. 
Afterwards it was home to open stockings!
Haha this shows their candy preference! 
Making our birthday cake for Jesus for Christmas morning :)
We are blessed.

Piper's 6th birthday party!

I can’t believe she is 6!  Piper is so much fun!  I love having her as “my middle.”  We had so much fun celebrating her!

Cassidy was pretty impressed with the princesses!

Pass the brush game was a big hit!

Baby Lacey is loved by her big cousins!

Make up!

We had so much fun with friends & family celebrating Piper.  We love you Pipey!