Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer catch up

I have good blogging intentions, but then the busyness hits, and all the fun times and I forget to upload pictures to the computer!  So here's our summer recap! 
Piper granduated Pre-K

 Dress-up, cow girls & climbing fences :)

 Izzy graduated 1st grade!

 Tim takes a pic of the girls for me every sunday that I am working.  He was leading worship this morning so we took a pic for him :)

 Field day!

Our church directory picture!

 Mommy and Cassidy date
 She loves silly faces!

 Self-love :)

 They love

Peace out, fun with friends!

 Fun with cousins!

 Fourth of July!

 Dinner picnic

 Bubble gun= so much fun!

 Izzy in her play

 Big afro!!


 Matching dresses!

 Fun during our visit with grandparents

 Family time!

Our get along shirt!  Always brings out smiles!

 Movie day!  We saw the Lego movie
We took the big girls to Carowinds for a back to school trip.  It was a lot of fun! 
We are so excited for this year!  I can't believe back to school is Monday!  Hopefully I will get that blog posted next week!
We are so very thankful for our fun, safe summer!