Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day to day summer

I can’t believe the summer is over!  We have had such a fun summer! I didn’t do well with keeping up with the blog this summer because we’ve been so busy having fun.  These are the pics I wanted to keep.  Won’t caption them all but they are fun to look at!

20140513_175009 Loves home made pizza!

20140515_095533 She loves to look at the collage of her birth and pics of her and her birthmom.  She doesn’t grasp that the baby is her but tries to say her birthmom’s name.  Smile


They enjoyed bowling but it was so loud!  We haven’t been back!20140621_12373420140621_123743

LOVES cousin Luke!


Sprinkler fun!

20140623_16253420140623_16264220140624_08270720140625_16473020140703_07244520140709_08015820140709_102628 Cassidy’s first dentist appointment!




The Watermelon Queen! 


Fun at a museum in Raleigh with my dad and cousin Luke & Aunt Bethany!20140804_104742 We were growling Smile


Fun times at the water park with Grandma Diane

20140805_13425720140807_16102120140808_15341420140813_104040 More fun with Luke


Tim & I ended the summer with an overnight to a Bed and Breakfast!  Josh & Bethany watched the girls and the girls loved every minute of it!

Looking forward to a new school year!  Izzy is going into 1st grade and Piper has her last year of preschool!  Will be fun to spend some more one on one time with Cassidy!