Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Power outage and living room campout!


An ice storm dropped 3-4 inches of ice on us and we lost power.  They girls were super excited to campout in the living room!  We had a gas fireplace in there so it is the warmest place.  My super smart hubby hung up comforters to close off our open floor-plan.  I didn’t have much faith in his plan but I admit I was wrong!  It stayed 70 degrees in our living room/kitchen while the rest of the house was under 50! 


Lots of fun with blow-up mattresses!


Cassidy had a lot of fun helping daddy!


We were without power for about 48 hours!  The girls did really well but were SO happy to have the TV back when we got power!  One funny thing was Izzy and I kept trying to turn on lights… it is just so ingrained it is hard to remember.  One time Izzy tried to turn on the lights she got frustrated- pointed up at the light and yelled “you will obey me!  Turn on!”  It didn’t work and we had a good laugh over it!  We were very thankful to stay warm and cozy thanks to the fireplace and Tim’s smartness!

Father Daughter Dance 2014


The father daughter dance is one of the highlights of the year for the girls!  So thankful for this tradition!

DSC_0108 4 year old Piper


DSC_0120 6 year old Izzy



A little too late at night for Cassidy but I’m sure she will enjoy it next year!

Jump rope for heart


Izzy’s school had an activity called Jump Rope for heart.  It was a lot of fun!  I volunteered to help and got to take a lot of pictures!


There were several stations set up.


All the kids really enjoyed themselves!


I had a videographer helper and a cheering section Smile


We love Izzy’s school and her teachers!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cell phone catch-up

Got a new phone and I’m loving the camera!  It actually takes the picture when I push the button… not 5 seconds after! Smile


My musicians!  They love singing and playing with Daddy!


Izzy had a teacher work day (that ended up being used as a make up snow day but plans were already made).  We had a great time at the tea house!

20140123_11195520140124_144204 Cassidy is a little more distractable these days with Cheerios so I’ve been able to do a little more with her hair.  I love it!


20140124_161856 First coloring

20140127_132038 Hanging out with her friend Caleb!

20140131_154620 new sleep cap!

20140201_185745 Playing with cousin Luke

20140203_094625 Love her in this toboggan!


Date night!


Love her sweet smile!

20140213_070047 Piper’s dairy free chocolate sucker

20140213_072310 Cassidy’s teddy from Daddy for Valentines




Cassidy’s first braids.